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Villa Vindee

Alpine Chalet

"The place is great. St Martin on Ile de Re is fantastic for food and the local bar did us proud. The pools and decking are really superb and the local wine tasting in Mareuil was excellent."
"We had a fantastic time at Thue - we all agreed it was our best holiday yet! The house was very comfortable with plenty of space for all 11 of us and had all the little 'extra's' that you only normally expect to find at home. The plastic plates and cups were a real bonus with six boisterous children, it certainly made mealtimes more relaxing! The pool was in constant use by both children and adults and we particularly loved the outdoor covered eating area which we made good use of both day and night. The bikes were great and we had lots of family bike rides locally. Thanks for the write up on the area which we found very useful, we visited many of the recommended places and had a great time. All in all a really enjoyable holiday home which we would thoroughly recommend to other families"

"We have returned from a wonderful two weeks at the mill. the house suited our three families perfectly and the weather was wonderful. we were also impressed by the area - we had not expected herminault (L'Hermenault) to have so many facilities. we used the pharmacy and doctor once while we were there and both were sorted within 5 minutes ! we had also not expected fontenay le compte to be so pretty and we spent a couple of lovely days and evenings there. it turned out to be the sort of holiday where we didn't have to travel far at all. we are looking at trying to arrange another booking for next year and will check out availability on your website"

"We had a lovely time in France, loved the country and the house (Wheelhouse) and especially the pool, went in it every day"

"We had a brilliant week, the wheelhouse was lovely. Ideal place for families with young children. We used the bar/restaurant in the next village (turn right at bottom of driveway, less than a mile) and the people there were really friendly. Weather was good too, bit too hot at some points for the fair skinned of our group! Anyway you've done a great job there, thanks again!"



Things to do:


in the Vendée are excellent, clean and sandy. The nearest are approximately 40km away and take a little under an hour to reach. There are three resorts next to each other on the coast, la Tranche-sur-Mer, l'Aiguillon-sur-Mer, and la Faute-sur-Mer . All are excellent for families, for the larger more touristy type of resort les Sables-d'Olonne offers full facilities expected of a more commercialised resort. This very popular resort is 70km away and takes approximately 1½ to reach.

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Equestrian Riding School Farm:

Equestrian Farm – riding and discovery school - Béatrice et Bruno RIPAUD 24 rue de la Forêt 85120 Saint Maurice des Noues Tel. - Fax.
Email :


Fontenay Le Comte-85
Circuit de la Michetterie.
Route de Niort
85200 Fontenay-le-Comte
Dév.: 1083x7 m


The Vendée is home to five golf courses whose individual characteristics are much-loved by those who play them: five 18-hole courses, four of them on the coast and one in the hinterland. All of them enjoy an exceptionally fine natural setting, with small clumps of trees, woodland, splendid water features and greenery. Each of the courses has its own special characteristics which give them their own charm and subtle playing features. At Saint Jean de Monts, a number of holes on the edge of the beach remind players of the links in Scotland. At Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, the Fontenelles course and its surrounding countryside is one of gentle undulations, maritime pines and green oaks. The Domangère course at La Roche sur Yon is in the Californian style. The course at Port Bourgenay is on an estate covering 85 hectares and is fringed by pine woodland and small lakes. And finally, at Olonne sur Mer, you will encounter the true nature of the Vendée’s bocage countryside, with its gently undulating landscapes and lovely lakes.

Port Bourgenay - "On the edge of the sea and bordering an enclosed forest, this golf course overlooks the marina of Port Bourgenay. Alternately hedgerows and pine forest, this course provides a two-in-one experience"

La Domangere - "The highest slope in France with a wealth of shots to be played. La Domangère is a delightful course that those in search of new challenges will want to experience"

Les Fontenelles - "Best known for its driving range, this golf course with its hedgerows provides an excellent succession of water features, maritime pine and oaks over more than 2 miles"


La Vallee des Singes, Primate Protection Reserve:

30 species to be discovered White-Bellied Spider Monkey Tufted Capuchins Yellow-breasted Capuchin White-throated Capuchin Chimpanzees Colobus Monkey Gorilla Gelada Baboon White-cheeked Gibbons Woolly Monkey Schmidt's White-Nosed Monkey Barbary Macaques The White-Fronted Lemur Ring-Tailed Lemur Ruffed Lemur Mandrills Common Marmoset White-Fronted Marmoset Pygmy Marmoset Squirrel monkey White-Faced Saki Siamang Emperor Tamarin Golden Headed Lion Tamarin Golden Lion Tamarin Cotton-Topped Tamarin Titi Monkeys. Monkey Valley’s shady paths, brooks and waterfalls invite you to explore the calm beauty of its natural countryside. A new sight appears at each turn in the path. Listen…Observe… Use all of your senses and you will be transported into the fascinating universe of the primates!- 110km, about a 90 minute drive. La Vallée des Singes Le Gureau 86700 ROMAGNE Tél. (+33) 5 49 87 20 20, Fax (+33) 5 49 87 63 38 ,
Email :




Les Floralies:

Just 10 minutes walk from Le Pavot - The Parc des Floralies is open from March to the beginning of may (depending on the flowering). - from Monday to Friday from 10 to 12:30 am and from 2 to 6 pm. – on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays from 10 am to 6 pm.

Since 1962, the Parc des Floralies has offered a multicoloured spectacle of flowers which according to the season form carpets of beautiful colours. Follow the pathways through 7 hectares of park and at each turn you will be surprised at the delightful perfume emanating from beds of tulips, hyacinths, narcissi and muscarus.

Chateau de Talmont Saint Hilaire:

The King's Ransom: Raise money to deliver the king by passing a number of ordeals. A day during the middle ages: put on medieval costume, discover the art of calligraphy, test your archery skills and relive the middle ages with actors. The knights of Richard the Lionheart: discover castle life during the evening. Whenever you turn, images, aromas and music take you back into the dark night of the time. Activities for children. Talmont Saint Hilaire is just a short drive away from Le Pavot.

Chateau de la Guignardiere:

Come and experience the 'Adventure Historique' in the setting of the grounds of the Chateau de la Guignardiere. On trails featuring historical conundrums fro all the family: new activities and new riddles for 2005: Lost civilisations, discover the mysteries of Egypt, the Mayas, imperial China, and Easter Island. Activities include: tours of the chateau, walks in the 86 hectares of grounds with ancient trees, and rows of menhirs. Gift shop, bar, tea room, catering, picnic facilites, and childrens play area. Situated at Avrille, just a short drive away from Le Pavot.

La Rochelle:

La Rochelle is France's 2nd largest boat building port and the historic Vieux Port remains largely unchanged. A daily fish market can be found in the old town until 12:00 midday. The port is very attractive and waterside cafés and restaurants offer a relaxing break. The seafood platters are their speciality and are excellent especially for large groups, where a single huge dish of shellfish is produced. The new marina holds Europe's largest aquarium which is open 365 days a year and has a large selection of fish from highly coloured tropical types to eels and sharks. Well worth a visit at approximately £4 per person.


Futuroscope is situated near Poitiers, it combines latest cinematic developments with the entertainment and fun of a theme park. there are a dozen or so main attractions comprising some of the largest cinema screens in the world (seven storeys high), 3-d special effects, flight simulators, cinema seats on hydraulic pedestals, all around cinema with picture that extends underneath you, 360degree cinema screens, huge curved screens etc. These all show spectacular 20 minute films on various topics. There are also educational areas showing the history of cinema, and numerous restaurants and cafés. There are a number of smaller attractions also which include pedalos, fun mirrors, slides etc. Be warned though queues in peak holiday periods are massive, best to do this outside main French holiday periods. Costs approximately £18 per adult.


Mervent is only a 40 minute drive from Le Pavot, it has a dam and a large reservoir. The area has been developed with tourism in mind. There are large wooded areas ideal for walking and particularly mountain biking. There are places where pedalos and wind surfers can be hired, and wind surfing lessons are offered at reasonable rates. There are also restaurants, a small zoo and a very extensive fun park known as 'Pierre Brune', which has dozens of rides from castles, crazy bikes, and slides to hamster wheels and see-saws. This is good value at approximately £4.

Venise Vert:

Venise Vert is the canal system the Vendée is famous for. There are numerous places (Maillezais is one of the best, 50 min drive from Le Pavot) where small rowing boats can be hired (with or without guides). Maps are provided and you can navigate round canal systems to set routes. The canals range from 20m wide to narrow stretches barely wide enough for the boat. All the canals are completely covered with a very distinctive weed giving them the appearance of flat green land, hence the 'Venise Vert' name. At Maillezais there is also a restaurant, souvenir shop and crazy golf course. A fun day out, though beware, boat hire is more expensive than you would expect.

Puy de Fou:

Puy de Fou is well worth a visit, by day there is a theme park which includes mediaeval jousting, villages with traditional crafts and actors dressed in the period of the day. The highlight is a twice daily display of falconry. The display is held in an amphitheatre with hawks, falcons and eagles swooping over the crowd and collecting food from the falconers who are dressed in traditional costume. This includes every bird of prey you have ever imagined including some enormous vultures. Great fun and highly professional ! By night during the summer Puy de Fou is renowned for holding France's foremost Son et Lumière spectacle. This is a re-enactment of the dress history in full costume by night and includes battle scenes, village life and laser special effects set around a castle and lake. It includes a cast of hundreds of locals and is carried out on Friday and Saturday nights. Every show is sold out in the height of summer, but tickets can be booked in advance. There is also an English translation available on cassette. If you wish to go to the evening event and get the translation this can be booked in advance by credit card.

Île de Ré:

Île de Ré is a quiet island off La Rochelle, a new road bridge makes it accessible by car. It is picturesque and has numerous beaches, cafés, towns and parks. The cost for the toll bridge is approximately £10 but is free if you cycle or walk out to the island. There is also a very good value golf course on the island.


Cognac is approximately 1½ hours drive south and well worth a visit for the connoisseur. In the centre of the town the best tour is that of the Otard distilleries, where cognac has been made for hundreds of years. A sample session follows the tour, but drivers beware, new laws on drink driving are more strict than UK.


Saumur is more for the wine buff, it is similar distance north and this town on the Loire also offers numerous caves (cellars) along with various historic buildings.

St Emilion:

St Emilion is ½ hour drive south of Cognac, this historic wine producing region is for the red wine enthusiasts and boasts excellent tours of vineyards and historic sites.


Vouvant is a quiet historic town with a church overlooking a valley and river. There is a very good crêperie and pedalos can be hired out by the hour. This is 45 minutes away.